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NV Rides partners with community-based volunteer driver programs located throughout Northern Virginia. Our goal is to help ensure that any adult aging in place in our community can find transportation. NV Rides is here to support you in getting a volunteer driver program up and running in your community.

If you or your organization wants to get a volunteer driving program started or if you have a program already, but want to connect with our network, we are here to help.

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When your organization joins NV Rides, you become part of a thriving network of volunteer driving programs. You receive the following at no cost:

NV Rides provides its partner organizations with an easy-to-use software program that makes scheduling volunteer driving simple and effortless. The ride scheduling software can be fine-tuned for the individual needs of its partner organizations.

NV Rides offers specialized marketing support for its partner organizations, helping as needed to spread the word, spark community interest, and build a crew of drivers. Experienced marketing specialists at NV Rides can help with social media outreach, effective messaging, and volunteer recruitment efforts.

The staff at NV Rides provides volunteer driver coordinators with any training they need to get their program gassed up and running smoothly. We teach volunteer coordinators how to recruit and train drivers, and successfully assess the needs of the community and individual clients. We also train volunteer coordinators on how to use the ride scheduling software and effectively manage and grow their programs.

NV Rides provides quick and confidential criminal and driving background checks for every potential driver for its partner organizations.


Door-to-Door Support

NV Rides promotes mobility for seniors. We work with community-based volunteer organizations that provide transportation services.

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