If you are experiencing virus symptoms and need assistance in Fairfax County please call 703.267.3511.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused us to have to change some of our operating procedures in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Some of our programs have had to cease driving operations.  Please contact your local driving program to learn about their operational status.

COVID-19 Protocols:  All of our partner programs are taking steps to ensure the safety of both the riders and drivers.  Recommendations include:

  • Perform a health screening prior to their ride, including a temperature check.
  • We ask all riders to be ambulatory, and be able to walk without needing assistance.
  • Drivers and riders should wear masks.
  • Riders should sit in the back seat on the passenger side.
  • Drivers should wipe down “high touch” surfaces such as seat belts, door handles, etc in between passengers.
  • If feasible, drivers should travel with the windows open.

If your local rides program in Fairfax County is not able to fulfill your ride request, NV Rides may be able to help.  With 72 hours notice we can coordinate critical medical transportation rides through the Fairfax County Human Transportation office.

Contact us directly with any requests at 703-537-3071 and we will work to help coordinate a ride for you.

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