Happy Holidays from NV Rides

As 2019 winds down, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the impact we have had collectively on the people most in need of our services.  In total,…
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Anna Stolley Persky, NV Rides, Media and Communications professional headshot. She's happy because transportation for seniors is now solved!

Anna Stolley Persky

On my 50th birthday, I decided to do something different. I didn’t go sky-diving, jet off to Bali or dance until the wee hours of the morning. Instead, I gave a lovely…
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Smiling NV Rides volunteer, Rhea Sharma. She is sitting in the driver seat of a car. She's happy because transportation for seniors is now solved!

Rhea Sharma

“I knew I wanted to volunteer during the summer with older people,” says Sharma, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and a minor in biochemistry. “Older people are just wiser. I like talking to them. I like seeing things from their perspective.”

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Matt Starr, NV Rides volunteer standing with a building and green trees in the backdrop. He's happy because transportation for seniors is now solved!

Matthew Starr

Volunteer driving “is a service to people,” says Starr. “When you are a volunteer driver, you are getting somebody somewhere that they would not be able go without your help.”

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Volunteer driver, Mark Turco smiles as he exits his car. He is a volunteer driver to a program that provides transportation to aging adults in the Northern Virginia area. He's happy because transportation for seniors is now solved!

Mark Turco

When the McLean resident retired from practicing law, he knew he wanted to give back to the community. But Turco did not want to get stuck in a volunteer job that interfered with his ability to work out, travel or otherwise enjoy his retirement. He pursed a few options before landing on volunteer driving as the “perfect opportunity” for his busy schedule.

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Sample Volunteer Application Sample Volunteer Driver Handbook Sample Client (Rider) Application NV Rides Program Memorandum of Understanding NV Rides Resource Guide (2017) 2020 Rider Survey Results NV Rides Driver Survey…
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Welcome to NV Rides

Welcome to NV Rides!  We are so excited that you have made the decision to have a volunteer driving program in your community.  We welcome you to a strong network…
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